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Auto, Property, Boat, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Historical Vehicles, Motorcycle, Flood & Earthquake, Motor Club, Personal Umbrella Policies (PUP) – Personal Liability Insurance, Specialty Lines (ATV’s, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.) and more.

Davie Financial Services evaluates your personal auto insurance needs and couples those needs with the features, discounts, coverage options and/or limits, and deductible options that are best suited for you. There are a number of features, discounts & coverage options available in the market today.

Your Davie Financial Services representative will help you maximize your savings, while taking full advantage of all available features & benefits. We will help maximize your value, while minimizing your expense.

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At Davie Financial Services, Inc. we offer a full line of property coverage. From Renters to Owners to Investors, we may have a product for you. With a number of distinctly unique property types (i.e. Single Family Homes, Non-owner occupied, Condominiums, Fee Simple Homes, Double Occupancy, and many more), we can assist you in properly insuring/protecting these valuable assets. Our slogan is “Protecting Assets and Creating Wealth.”

A full line of marine insurance may be available for protecting those water toys. Jet skis, pontoons, cabin cruisers, sail boats, and ski boats just to name a few. We have a full-line of products available to insure the boat, the engine, and the trailer as needed. From Agreed Value programs to Actual Cash Value (ACV) programs, we may have a product for you. Protecting those toys are essential to assist in the time of theft, or physical damage caused by collisions, vandalism, and much more. In addition to protecting these watercrafts, it is essential to be protected against liability while operating the watercraft. Just like auto insurance, the risk of liability is always present. From striking a swimmer, to a collision with another vessel or dock, we must manage this risk by carrying a level of protection that is suitable to protect your financial well being. Our team of professionals can help you manage this risk and prepare a protection program that is suitable for your need.

From motor homes to ATV’s, we may have a product for you. Pull behind campers/trailers, driven motor homes, off-road vehicles (such as ATV’s) may all be protected. At Davie Financial Services we can offer protection solutions for these recreational type assets.

Historical Vehicles are generally not adequately insured by a standard auto insurance policy. With most standard auto policies being insured with a depreciating component, this is not generally suitable for Historical Vehicles, as these vehicles may be increasing in value (appreciating rather than depreciating). At Davie Financial Services we offer an agreed value product that is specifically designed for these Historical Vehicles. By choosing the “agreed value,” you may be able to choose a coverage that is appropriate for your vehicle, based on its quality &/or rarity.

Street bikes from performance cycles to cruisers, we may have a value added solution for you. It is essential to make sure that all appropriate coverage’s are provided for these high risk vehicles. Liability is required on these vehicles, but it is equally important to protect your investment by having suitable coverage on Optional Equipment. Optional equipment coverage protects those items added to the vehicle after its original manufacturing (i.e. after market pipes, chrome, saddle bags, etc.). These after market items are generally not protected by a standard policy, and modifications/”riders” are generally necessary to adequately protect these added items.

Off-road motorcycle insurance policies are also available. Many times a misconception that these off-road bikes are covered by your homeowners insurance, this is generally NOT the case. Since this off-road motorcycle has an engine and does not EXCLUSIVELY maintain your property, it is generally not covered. These items should be protected against theft, liability while being driven, and so much more.

Flood & Earthquake coverage continue to be a topic of debate. Is it needed? Is it not? Many banks require Flood Insurance if you are located in a Flood Plain; however, it is also available at a preferred rate even if you are not. Davie Financial Services offers FEMA based flood insurance and earthquake coverage for those that may require or desire these products.

Vehicle disablements, lock your keys in the car, run out of gas, flat tire with no spare or unable to remove the tire; with these types of incidents occurring every day, these plans may be right for you. These motor club programs are designed to cover a individual person rather than a specific vehicle; therefore, these plans follow you and not your car. Many other features are available with these programs, contact a Davie Financial Services representative to review various plan options and additional features and benefits.

The Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) offers excess liability that is often times needed for high income or net worth clients. This personal liability insurance coverage generally starts at $1,000,000 and up. This coverage is called “umbrella coverage” as it covers over top of your existing auto, homes, boats, etc. liability protection. For those individuals whom are susceptible to high levels of liability exposure, these policies assist in providing a high level of liability protection needs.

Utility & Sport ATV’s, Miscellaneous Off-Road Vehicles, Snowmobiles, Jet skis and Jet boats, and much more.

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